puppies for sale
Neophyte Show People and LOVING Pets
homes looking for foundation Shih tzu are
of Typical Breeds Pups Shih-Tzu from CHINUA areshown on this page! ALL puppies
picturedwere BRED by CHINUA Shih Tzu. Some are reside with us in OUR Home but
others NEW Homes.
      Kennel CHINUA is dedicated to producing quality puppies with the  breed standard as our guide.
      ALL DOGS is dedicated to producing quality  puppies with titles of Champions only as our guide.
     Each puppy is given the same amount attention and love whether it is meant for the show ring or as a loving pet.
     All my Puppies are PKF, FCI
registered, and they can be registered in
AKC, UKC, CKC, and all FCI and AKU
member country dog  clubs.
    ANY Quarantine is not required for the
dogs sent to EUROPE or the USA.
       Shipment accessible WORLD!
    ANY Quarantine is not required for the dogs sent to EUROPE or the USA.
    ALL PUPPIES have the complete set of inoculations from infectious diseases!
The Shih Tzu of CHINUA has been
winning in many parts of the
Russia  and Overseas.
                    We have exported to  various the country of Europe and to the United States. 
                  We breed all colors and have White with Gold, White with  Black, White with  Blue , etc.
      Preliminary record of puppies a
Our kennel offers preliminary
bookingof puppies Breeds the
Shih-tzu a.
Puppies can be expected at the the
beginning of a summer.
Now it is possible to plan and order,
combinations interesting for you.
Show Puppies and Pet Puppies ,
Young, Adults , Finished
Champion's Dogs are occasionally
available to your loving homes and
breeders homes.  
    If you are interested in one of our beautiful puppies or dogs.
Please  answer the following questions below and we will email for
you information, pedigree and pictures.
1. Where do you live?
2. How old are you?
3. A sort of your activity?
4. Whether is in the house still animal?
5. Whether there is at you an experience of the
maintenance{contents} and exhibiting of dogs with a long and
plentiful wool?
6. You wished:
                     ) An exhibition dog,
                     ) A dog for cultivation,
                     ) The domestic favourite?
7. Buy a dog for itself or in a gift?
8. Why want to buy a dog from my kennel?
It not idle interest but this is a guarantee of that you have addressed there where is necessary. And I hand a fruit of the works in reliable hands, I do not  make a mistake and we do not waste time in vain, to be  Informed concerning suitability, photos, pedigrees, the price, etc.
         GOOD LUCK!
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